Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Change management
Automation in manufacturing
Make or buy analytics
Product lifecycle management
Innovation management
Textile & design management
Purchase optimization
Global organisations, international settings & virtual teams are my daily business as a working woman. 
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industrial engineer & engineer for technique & design
Value chain optimization
Original Design & Equipment Manufacturer
Project management agile and waterfall
The textile industry is known for fast-moving consumer goods FMCG and constructive innovation processes; these are the requirements for the current market situation today. With your order for the LOOXS by Liebold GmbH with the Executive Partner, Regina Liebold you will find practical experiences in the areas of agile and waterfall project management methods, original design ODM and equipment manufacturer OEM, transformation and change management, value chain optimization and automation in manufacturing; product development directly to the retail floor which included the financial control are our home. The knowledge of international experiences with the local people support today's virtual and digital teamwork. We offer you to put technical and creative teams together and weld them to form effective work units. Nevertheless we support a hundred percent for global and travel-intensive projects. Are you looking for a crisis resistant manager who always finds solution models for your customers with assertive, emotional intelligence and specialist knowledge? Please contact the Executive Partner, Regina Liebold: info[@]